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A 2-day deep dive into your used car inventory. 

Lotpop University

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What will we be covering at Lotpop U?

We will be diving into each attendees inventory stats, select vehicles and appraisals. Hands on training regardless if you have vAuto, FirstLook MaxDigital or Inventory Plus we will roll up our sleeves and do one on one, open discussions about individual vehicles, how to compare them to the market for the best pricing strategies and pricing structures. Along with how to bid on trades, purchases and street buys without missing deals and how to come up with a true exit strategy.

Deep dives into your used car inventory

  • What it takes to obtain both gross and volume with used car management.
  • Diving into 25 key metrics that you need to track to increase your volume 25%-30%.
  • Teach you how to carry what you sell, and sell what you carry.
  • Review stocking strategies for being proactive vs reactive.

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